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Many Stories - One Home - jointhesaga.com MUSHes

jointhesagaMar. 15th, 2005 11:39 am Many Stories - One Home

The text-based interactive worlds of jointhesaga.com invite players from around the world to become part of ever-evolving stories in which they become the central characters:

Theme: An original-theme fantasy realm in which magic is feared and noble intrigues abound.
Website: http://chia.jointhesaga.com
Cost: Free, although paid enhancements are available
Telnet: jointhesaga.com 2005

OtherSpace: New Journeys
Theme: An original-theme space opera realm with a scattering of worlds inhabited by aliens and humanoids alike.
Website: http://os.jointhesaga.com
Cost: Free
Telnet: jointhesaga.com 1790

Reach of the Empire
Theme: Alternate Star Wars storyline, Episode IV-era, in which Luke Skywalker died in a skyhopper accident and Leia became a Sith apprentice, preventing the events of the movies from taking place.
Website: http://roe.jointhesaga.com
Cost: Free
Telnet: jointhesaga.com 1977

Catch the Red-Eye Flight:

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