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Chiaroscuro: ChiStoWriMo! - jointhesaga.com MUSHes

jointhesagaDec. 1st, 2004 03:33 am Chiaroscuro: ChiStoWriMo!

Inspired by National Novel Writing Month and based on a suggestion from Oren Nillu, we're celebrating the anniversary of Chiaroscuro by running the first-ever Chiaroscuro Story Writing Month, or ChiStoWriMo!

The goal's not quite as ambitious as NaNoWriMo's 50,000-word novel. Instead, we just want to aim for each participant writing a single 5,000 word story set in the world of Chiaroscuro.

Finish your story by Dec. 31, get the word count confirmed, and you'll receive 5,000 Chia Credits.

The ChiStoWriMo thread zones can be found in our forums at http://forums.jointhesaga.com

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